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MICO Success Stories

  • Figura GNU distributed CAD/CAM system is using MICO as its middleware.
  • MICO is used in a mission to design, build, and operate scientific instruments for x-ray optics applications, most of which reside in the Advanced Light Source, a synchotron at Berkeley Labs.
  • Up ! Application System is using MICO for the implementation of a CORBA gateway. The Up ! Application System is a system for enterprise information systems consolidation. It is independent from the databases, operating systems, EDI technologies, integration technologies, GUI, the user languages, etc. Its technical and business components API and functionality are exposed using a CORBA gateway build using MICO to link to the other systems and their components.
  • AD4 Project, is using MICO as a part of SecureMiddleware platform. MICO has been successfully deployed in a mission-critical environment.
  • Past and current MICO support contract customers now include Intel, Royal Bank of Scotland, Deutsche Telekom, T-Systems, Futuretek, Twinsoft and others.
  • MICO is used inside appliance versions for SecureMiddleware, OpenPMF, ObjectWall
  • ObjectWall, the leading IIOP firewall, uses MICO internally.
  • OpenPMF, an innovative security policy management framework that allows integrated policy management/enforcement for complex, heterogeneous IT environments, uses (and protects) MICO.
  • The EU IST COACH project used MICO.
  • The Qedo CORBA Component Model (CCM) implementation supports MICO as its underlying ORB.
  • Weather Channel uses MICO for the collection and distribution of weather data.
  • CorbaScript, an OO scripting language with access to all the CORBA functionality supports MICO.
  • MICO/E is an Eiffel version of MICO
  • MAQS (Management Architecture for QoS) aims at adding generic QoS support to CORBA. Its prototype implementation is based on MICO.
  • MICO Praktikum at University of Frankfurt, VSB
  • MICO Praktikum at TU Darmstadt
  • MICO has firewall support for the TIS-plug-gw, a TCP-proxy firewall.
  • Combat is a Tcl extension that gives access to CORBA functionality from Tcl.
  • Christoph Gebauer's Load Monitor and Interface Repository Browser.
  • KAM (market for small ads), a project to evaluate the TINA architecture in the Internet environment, is partially implemented using MICO.
  • The PACHA esprit project uses MICO as middleware to manage a cluster of PCs connected by an SCI network.
  • The Jaco3 esprit project uses MICO as middleware.
  • The MUSCLE (Movement for the Use of Smart Cards in a Linux Environment) uses MICO.
  • Starix Informatica uses MICO in a variety of projects/products: ERP, e-learning/e-training and telephony sensoring and control for ATI/TELEMAR.

(Please email us if you would like your project to be added to the list)


Current Maintainer

Currently, ObjectSecurity Ltd. is the official maintainer, sponsor, and main contributor of the MICO project. The company provides high-quality commercial technical support, consulting, and development for MICO and for various other distributed systems and security technologies and areas. The MICO project is currently maintained by Karel Gardas (ObjectSecurity Ltd).

Karel Gardas co-ordinates the following MICO specialists who kindly commit their time to the MICO project:


The web site is currently hosted at San Francisco State University:

And on SourceForge.net:

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Project Funding History

While in the past we have been able to maintain MICO, it becomes increasingly difficult for us to add new features due to our time constraints. On several occasions companies have stepped forward to fund the development of new code in MICO:

  • MICO 2.3.13 release management (funded by ESG GmbH)
  • MICO Messaging and Threading Policies (funded by ESG GmbH) - done and merged into MICO 2.3.13
  • MICO/MT (funded by AT&T Broadband) - done and merged into MICO 2.3.9
  • CORBASec L2 (funded by Deutsche Telekom) - done and merged into MICO 2.3.9
  • CORBA Components (funded by Alcatel) - done and merged into MICO 2.3.7
  • Security Level 3 (SL3) (partly funded by ObjectSecurity Ltd. and the European Commission IST-COACH) - done and merged into MICO 2.3.13
  • Transaction and Concurrency Control for MICO (Facultad de Informatica Universidad Politecnica de Madrid)
We hope that the MICO homepage can serve as a meeting point between companies and the open source community. If you are interested in contributing software engineering work to MICO, then please contact the maintainer ObjectSecurity Ltd.

You can also purchase support and new features under a support contract (click here for more information).


Author History

The CORBA core was originally implemented by:

With a little help from some friends:





(c) 1996-2010 MICO Project Team (web site by ObjectSecurity Ltd.)

Get MICO at SourceForge.net. Fast, secure and Free Open Source software downloads