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Free Documentation

MICO currently includes very limited documentation. This is due to the fact that producing documentation takes up a lot of resources which are not available in the community at the moment (email ObjectSecurity if you would like to contribute documentation for MICO).


Commercial Training and Documentation

In line with their philosophy of providing first-class professional support for MICO, ObjectSecurity Ltd. provides commercial training courses and on-demand documentation for MICO (click here for more information or contact them).


Mailing Lists

Further development and other MICO related aspects are discussed on the mico-devel mailing list. You can subscribe by clicking here.

There is also a low-traffic, read-only, moderated mailing list, mico-announce where announcements of new MICO releases or related software are sent occasionally. To subscribe, click here.

Before your subscription becomes effective, you will receive a confirmation message by email that you must reply to. The intent of this confirmation is to avoid illegal email addresses on the mailing list (for example by mistyping it on the Web subscription form).

Before sending a question over the mailing list, you might want to have a look at the searchable mailing list archive or the FAQ, to see if your problem was already discussed before.


Some Books about MICO


MICO: An Open Source CORBA Implementation
(Arno Puder, Kay Römer)

The book includes a comprehensive documentation of MICO from an application programmer's point of view. The accompaning CD contains binaries of MICO as ready to run executables for the following architectures:

  • Solaris 2.6 on Sun SPARC
  • AIX 4.2 on IBM RS/6000
  • Linux 2.x on Intel x86
  • HP-UX 10.20 on PA-RISC
  • Windows 9x/NT on Intel x86
The book explains how to install and use MICO. A little tutorial gets you going with a sample CORBA application. All features of MICO are well documented both in the manual and in online man-pages. MICO is fully interoperable with other CORBA implementations, such as Orbix from Iona or VisiBroker from Borland. The manual contains a step-by-step procedure showing how to connect MICO with other CORBA implementations. It even includes sample programs from various CORBA textbooks to show you all aspects of CORBA.
"Puder and Römer have achieved a landmark proof of the value of open-specification, open-source systems. The existence of commercial products based on the MICO CORBA implementation prove their work; this book proves their knowledge. You will find both of immense value in the tough job of building scalable, distributed, heterogeneous systems. "
--- Richard Mark Soley, Ph.D. Chairman and CEO, Object Management Group, Inc.


Developing Secure Distributed Systems with CORBA
(Ulrich Lang, Rudolf Schreiner, ObjectSecurity Ltd.)

This new book is a clearly written, well structured guide to building secure distributed applications with CORBA. It helps securing CORBA applications, integrating security infrastructure with CORBA applications, and evaluating the security effectiveness of distributed applications. You get a comprehensive study of the CORBA security architecture, providing you with a better understanding of its goals and limitations. It serves as your complete reference for understanding security in distributed systems.

The book also generously illustrates the usage of the MICOSec CORBA security services implementation, including important information on the installation and configuration of MICOSec, the usage of two different kinds of application-facing interfaces, and the configuration of CORBA security for applications that do not contain any security-related modifications.



"In this impressive book, well-known security experts Lang & Schreiner manage to cover all of the CORBAsec specification in a structured and technical fashion. It is well suited to security professionals who need a comprehensive reference guide with detailed descriptions of, and rationales for, the CORBAsec architecture and systems security architectures in general. This well-written hands-on guide is invaluable for developers building real-world applications, and belongs on the desk of every systems security engineer on the planet."
--- Richard Mark Soley, Ph.D. Chairman and CEO, Object Management Group, Inc.

“CORBA security is not widely understood, and this work can assist both those needing a conceptual idea of the system and those needing to program with it.”
---Internet Review Project, December 2003

The book's comprehensive study of Corba's security architecture can help readers gain a better understanding of its goals and limitations.”
---IEEE Computer Magazine, September 2002


Click here for more information about this book.

Middleware für verteilte Systeme
(Arno Puder, Kai Römer)

(in German)

The book explains the internal structure of a middleware platform based on CORBA. Throughout the book the design and architecture of a middleware platform is described from two different perspectives: the view of an application programmer (using the middleware) and the view of a system programmer (implementing the middleware). MICO serves as a case study to describe a specific architecture using a micro-kernel approach. The book also serves as a reference to the internals of MICO. An English translation will soon be available.

Both books can be purchased in Europe from:

dpunkt.verlag für digitale Technologie
Ringstraße 19
69115 Heidelberg, Germany
fax: +49 - 6221 - 47 29 09
web: http://www.dpunkt.de/mico

and in North America from:

Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, Inc.
340 Pine Street, Sixth Floor
San Francisco, CA 94104-3205
fax: (415) 982-2665
web: http://www.mkp.com/mico






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