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MICO Commercial Support

With Open Source software, it is of critical importance that reliable technical support is available quickly when needed. Most companies cannot rely on the goodwill of the Open Source community to provide bug fixes and enhancements fast enough to justify using Open Source software in business critical IT systems. High-quality, professional technical support is a particularly strong selling point for using MICO.

ObjectSecurity Ltd. provides commercial support, as well as development, training and consulting services for MICO. ObjectSecurity is the official maintainer of the MICO project and one of the main contributors since 2000. ObjectSecurity's highly skilled specialists have many years of experience in R&D, consulting, and support in the areas of MICO, CORBA in general, CORBA security, CORBA Components (and security), and distributed systems. Therefore they are ideally suited for integrating MICO with your IT infrastructure and applications to produce a reliable, secure, and stable system.

Click here if you would like to know more about the various support plans and service options ObjectSecurity offers.

MICO includes robust security!

Security is one of the great advantages of MICO over other open source CORBA ORBS. MICO includes many sound security features built by information security specialists. Please click here to read more about MICO security.

MICO and firewalls: ObjectWall

Application integration across networks require strong security. MICO comes with many security features for access control, authentication, logging etc.However, in most cases where communications leave organisational boundaries, firewalls need to be in place. General firewalls cannot effectively provide fine-grained access control because they do not understand the CORBA IIOP protocol. Furthermore, IIOP traffic cannot easily be brought across a firewall.

ObjectWall is an IIOP firewall that tightly integrates with MICO out-of-the-box and supports fine-grained domain boundary control. Please click here if you would like to know more about MICO and firewalling. ObjectWall is also available as a one-stop-shop appliance version.


MICO and security policy management: OpenPMF

Good built-in security features are first important step towards a secure distributed middleware application. However, security administration often becomes unmanageable because of the complexity of the application and the environment.

OpenPMF is a technology framework and product that streamlines security policy administration for complex distributed systems. Its particular value lies in the centralised management of complex access policies, which offers far better manageability than traditional federated identity and access solutions can offer. In OpenPMF, a uniform security policy is stored in a central repository and automatically enforced on a number of networked systems and interacting applications. The security is defined and monitored in a central graphical user interface.

The main benefits of OpenPMF are reduced complexity/cost, and more effective security.

Click here if you would like to know more.

OpenPMF is also available as a one-stop-shop appliance version.



MICO and model-driven, component-based software engineering: SecureMiddleware CORBA Components

MICO is an integral part of SecureMiddleware, which has been jointly developed by Fraunhofer FOKUS and ObjectSecurity. It is an implementation of the CORBA Component Model (CCM) with a UML-based model driven architecture (MDA) application modelling tool chain. It supports automatic generation of code from UML models, and automatic deployment. Application assembly is also greatly simplified.

On the security side, many of the inherent issues of CORBA have been overcome, and it is even possible to automatically generate OpenPMF security policies for SecureMiddleware applications from the application UML models.

Have a look at the latest generation of middleware at www.securemiddleware.com.







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